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To Multiply Maths Students Take Away Classrooms and Add On line Courses

MATHS AND SCIENCE EDUCATION:The Conversation  asked their  authors about the state of maths and science education in Australia and its future direction. In this instalment, Chris Tisdell examines the benefits of online learning   What’s your worst memory of mathematics from high school? And the best? Unless you’re ... Continue reading »

More Free On-line Courses

  For a vast array of courses at University level in almost anything that you can think of, try here at Online     Continue reading »

Yes, We Khan: Pioneering Education for Anyone , Anywhere

The Khan academy is trying to bring education to the world, but how? Online learning image from From preschool to PhD, education is afflicted by a malaise. Many students, teachers, parents and politicians, feel that with all the effort and money spent, we should be doing better ... Continue reading »

Closure Shocks in Christchurch Make No Sense

Its hard to watch the battle of the schools unfolding in Christchurch for so many reasons. Mainly because it adds another level of stress and concern that all of these people simply don't need and that could have easily been avoided. Secondly because it was handled so badly and ... Continue reading »

Yes, You Are Entitled to Your Opinion … And I Want to Hear it

  Students' opinions should matter to their teachers. Jeremy Wilburn Every semester, I enter my classroom with almost zero knowledge of my students’ interests. So as a rhetoric and writing teacher, I ask them to employ that which is most beneficial to them in their lives: discourse. I want to know ... Continue reading »

Radical Rethink: How to Design University Courses in the Online Age

FUTURE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: The rise of online and blended learning and the development of free online courses is set to transform the higher education sector. The conversation asked our authors how to remake the university sector so it can best respond to this revolution.This is reprinted from theconversation ... Continue reading »

Brown Brother- I am Brown

Continue reading »

What's The Matter With Creationism ?

Do you know what the worst thing about the recent Gallup poll on evolution is? It isn’t that 46 percent of respondents are creationists (“God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last ten thousand years or so”). Or that 32 percent ... Continue reading »

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Ronnie H/hr commented in the discussion Who's Doing Anything Exciting in Helping Students Create Their Own Jobs?: “How do we create new jobs in any country and prevent "unemployment"? The answers are simple,yet complex. We create jobs by allowing people to become …”

briang commented on Charter School Working Group Members Announced : “Is he still there ? it's becoming a farce. ”

megan commented on Charter School Working Group Members Announced : “My money also on Banks going. Even if not via the Police, JK will get sick of the contagion . His margin is getting too tight to allow such high cost …”

Anna commented on Charter School Working Group Members Announced : “Damn- I like what I read about these so far ...but would be delighted to see the death of the Act Party ...Hard call ! National will win the by-electi …”

martina commented on Charter School Working Group Members Announced : “Good point Steve. Does this continue or not? My hunch is that its a National Party initiative in Act clothing anyways.”

steve commented on Charter School Working Group Members Announced : “So what happens now that John Banks is going to be out of Parliament? I'm willing to bet he will be gone by the end of the month. ”

henriettaw commented on Charter School Working Group Members Announced : “Will be very interesting to see what comes out of this.”

vanessah commented on National /ACT Confidence and Supply Agreement on Charter Schools for NZ: “I've read that as South Auckland and eastern or central Christchurch with a trial of 2 to see how it goes. But much water and bridges yet. The workin …”

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